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"Let me help you achieve your goals for a body that works the way you need it to. For sport, for life.”
- Caroline

Caroline TrajanCalgary PhysiotherapistMPT, BScKin, CAFCI, GUNN IMS

Meet Caroline

Caroline is a dedicated physiotherapist with advanced training in shoulder and hip rehabilitation, running performance, running injuries, and TMJ dysfunction. In addition to using evidenced-based physiotherapy techniques, postural correction, and functional exercise to aid in your recovery, Caroline aims to empower her clients for long term success and injury prevention. She is also certified in Gunn IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation / Dry Needling) and Medical Acupuncture.

Caroline is passionate about educating her clients about their condition, and with her kinesiology background, Caroline is an expert prescriber of rehabilitation exercises. To help optimize your recovery, she will create a personalized physiotherapy program for you and email it to you after your appointments. Caroline also believes strongly in collaborative care and is an advocate of effective communication with all involved medical professionals.

Caroline offers extended physiotherapy sessions (one hour) for running analysis, sport performance assessments, complex conditions, and/or multiple injury evaluations.

Caroline is an avid goal-setter in her personal life, and this naturally transfers to her care, concern, and goal setting with her clients. She believes that the overall purpose of injury recovery through physiotherapy is quality of life. Caroline is continually setting new goals and improving her quality of life by participating in mountain biking, skiing, surfing, strength training, and running. One of Caroline’s personal running goals for 2021 is to complete her first marathon.