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Our physiotherapists can treat all types of injuries, aches, and pains


At its heart, physiotherapy is all about you and your changing needs to gain and maintain optimal mobility, activity and overall health and wellness. We take client-centred care to the next level.

Achieving your best in musculoskeletal function requires a holistic approach. Physiotherapists understand entire body systems, and see an enormous range of issues in their practice. With years of experience, therapists are experts in diagnosis and the creation of treatment plans.

Your successful treatment in physiotherapy results from a highly collaborative effort. We assign one physiotherapist to each patient, so your progress is completely understood. Your “collaborator” is an experienced professional who gains a deeper understanding of your unique issue and healing at every appointment. They are all yours for the duration of your appointment.
Continued professional development is critical to offer the most advanced, progressive treatments based in evidence and research. Beyond ongoing training as a physiotherapist, some focus on particular treatment methods to enhance their general practice.

Some of these treatment methods include:

Looking after the entire person at every appointment is our core mandate. Along with physiotherapy, we provide the entire team you need. Also, depending on your main activity, you may be assigned to a certain physiotherapist who has a passionate interest in your sport or activity and related injuries.

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