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“Physiotherapy is a perfect match for my intrigue into the human body, movement and rehabilitation.” - Janine

Janine AnkenmannCalgary PhysiotherapistCertified Manual Therapist TPI Certified; MScPT; BScPT; CAFCI; FDN/IMS

Meet Janine

“I am fascinated by the way the human body operates and strive to maximize your body’s potential and performance.” 

Janine loves to be active, playing competitive soccer and softball, and is an avid golfer, runner, yogi and hiker. So she understands your desire to return to activity as quickly and safely as possible. 

Janine’s love for athletics jump-started her career into physiotherapy. As a high-level athlete, she recognizes your drive to compete, and the frustration of being on the sideline and the challenge of returning post injury.
After 10 years of clinical experience, she designs a treatment plan to match your goals. Her expertise and skills include manual therapy, needling (IMS and acupuncture), vestibular rehabilitation, concussion management and functional movement analysis. 

While looking at how the entire body works together, Janine has a special interest in neck and shoulder injuries as well as the foot and ankle complex. She is also specialized for golfers, trained as a Medical Professional through the Titleist Performance Institute.

With you, she determines the best treatment approach for your long-term health and activity.

I see Janine Ankenmann at TDSC to help me recover from a motor vehicle accident. She’s professional, diligent, responsive, empathetic, and, above all, knowledgeable. TDSC came highly recommended from colleagues. I did well to follow that advice: my experience has been consistently good, despite complex injuries and a lot of pain. Janine clearly has significant expertise and broad experience. I trust her. Janine, thank you for your excellent therapy to my back, neck, and jaw.  - Josh J., 38