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Our Approach

The right strategies to live pain and injury-free

Our Approach

Your treatment is all about giving you the right strategies to live pain and injury-free, enjoying your activities for as long as possible.

Our approach is thorough, with the ultimate goal of discovering the root cause of your issue to make sure it doesn’t come back! You’ll notice four stages of care.


There’s no need to hesitate – we want you to come in sooner than later. The quicker we can get to your problem, the better your healing will be. We begin by uncovering your story, and making sense of what’s going on with your body. By asking the right questions and understanding your unique situation, we get the full picture. We may have “seen it all,” but every story has a twist.

Your functional assessment will take 30 to 45 minutes of one-on-one analysis.

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Your full understanding of your problem is the most important thing we give you. We see ourselves as your partner in recovery and maintenance of good health. You’ll learn the details of how your body is working and what you can do to prevent reoccurrence. We are passionate teachers, because we know that giving you knowledge is the fastest route to long-lasting recovery.

  • Your education comes in a variety of formats:
  • Easy-to-understand layman’s terms
  • 3D models on an iPad to help you visualize 
  • Videos and photos of your exercises and progress
  • Communication between sessions by email or phone, if needed

Because you see the same physiotherapist as much as possible, the understanding of your issue deepens with time, for both of you. That leads to better health for life.

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You need relief, so your care begins as soon as possible – if you are in pain, the first goal is to reduce symptoms. A custom treatment plan often involves sessions with other professionals at our clinics. That could include things like acupuncture, massage or strength training. You’ll be active in your sessions; our approach is dynamic. As your treatment continues, you’ll receive reassurance and education about what activities you can or cannot do to stay on track for recovery.

Our dedication to research and professional development means you’ll have the best possible care.

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Make it all the way to full recovery and beyond with clear benchmarking and a discharge process. Every session has a set of expectations and a re-evaluation. You’ll be aggressively tested and measured before you move on to the next activity level, and we’ll advocate for your recovery by communicating with any other health professionals you are seeing, like doctors, chiropractors and trainers. We’ll also help you deal with any insurance. And, we are always available to answer your questions by phone or email.

Even when your symptoms are gone, we prefer to continue to work with you until the root cause of the problem is resolved.

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