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Fitness and Rehabilitation Products

Fitness and Rehabilitation Products

We offer a wide range of fitness and rehabilitation products for sale at both clinics.

Your physiotherapist may recommend using some of these items to help with your rehabilitation.

See below for a sample of our products.

Bauerfeind Products



  • For pain from Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow
  • Reduces pain by massaging overstrained tissue during exercise
  • Also helps reduce swelling by stimulating the muscle tissue


  • For ankles suffering from injury, osteoarthritis or post-surgical
  • Relieves pain, reduces swelling


  • For weak, swollen or painful knees
  • Stabilizes the joint, offers faster mobilization, revieves pain
  • Pressure relief for the kneecap


  • For strained or post-surgical Achilles tendons
  • Offers relief, mobility and a massaging effect which promotes circulation and helps reduce edemas
compression socks

Performance Compression Socks

*Compression Sock Training

  • For fast turning and jumping movement sports like football, basketball, tennis
  • Helps with ankle stability, and calf muscles stimulation during movement, protects the Achilles tendon

*Compression Sock Performance

  • For endurance athletes like cyclists, long distance runners
  • Improves circulation, reduces muscle vibration, speeds up recovery

Other types of compression socks can be ordered too – for business, air travel, health issues like varicose veins, venous inefficiency and tired aching legs

+addaday Products

pro massage roller

Massage Sticks

  • 3 different types of rollers – feels like fingers working on your skin
  • Help relieve tired, sore or tense muscles
  • Great for large muscle groups – arms, legs, backs, or hard to reach areas like Achilles, soleus, shins


Find a floor or wall and use this tool for a deep self-massage. Ideal for backs, shoulders, glutes and feet. Take to the office or on a trip.




Marble Roller

  • Small, magnetic head to toe massage tool.  Great for travel!



Fitterfirst Products

foam roller frol6p thumbnail

Foam Roller

  • Improves flexibility and stability though myofascial release, increases core strength and stability.
  • Great for loosening tight muscles like IT bands.
clsc exercise ball chair 65 thumbnail

Exercise Balls

  • Great for strengthening your core and stabilizing your pelvic girdle.
  • Can be used for exercise or active sitting.
Stroops Slastix Resistance Toner

Stroops Slastix Resistance Toner

  • Durable exercise cable with safety sleeve.
  • Perfect for muscle toning and strengthening.
  • Helps with muscle and joint rehabilitation.



Taping Products

Athletic Tape

Athletic Tape

  • Used for firm support and compression.


  • Used for various support taping techniques, particularly patella femoral syndrome and shoulder injuries. Works as a flexible exterior splint allowing you to stay active.
Cover Roll Stretch Tape

Cover-Roll Stretch

  • Used for areas of the body such as elbows and knees, requiring flexibility
  • Also used in conjunction with patella/femoral taping techniques.


Bands and Tubing Products

Mini Bands


  • Great for upper and lower body training.
  • Can be used anywhere – at home, in the gym, on the road!


  • The latex bands come in different color-coded resistance levels. The progressive resistance system helps to measure fitness or rehabilitation in muscle strength and endurance. When the band becomes easy to use, you are ready to move to a more resistant band.
  • The bands are low cost, portable and versatile.
Theraband tubing

Theraband Tubing

  • Similar to Theraband with progressive resistance training however the round shape of the tubing makes it ideal for hand activities.

Other Products

ASO Ankle Stabiliser

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

  • Used for effective treatment and prevention of most ankle sprains.
  • Offers support, comfort and stability.
  • Fits into athletic or street shoes comfortably.
Ortho Active Tennis Elbow

Ortho Active Tennis Elbow brace

  • Helps to ease the pain of tennis or golfer’s elbow.
Lacrosse Balls

Lacrosse Balls

  • An effective tool to activate and relieve tired, aching muscles.
  • Used to soothe sore feet, ease glute pain, loosen tight hips, relieve shoulder stress and forearm pain.