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“After having gone through 3 ACL reconstruction surgeries myself, I have extensive knowledge from the patient perspective as well as the rehabilitation requirements and benefits.” - Heather

Heather DoreeCalgary PhysiotherapistCertified Manual Therapist; Certified in Acupuncture; BScPT, CAFCI

Heather chose to become a physiotherapist based on her lifelong involvement in sports and experiencing the benefits of physical therapy to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. She’s a passionate advocate for the importance of an active lifestyle at all ages and stages of life.

With nearly 20 years of clinical experience, Heather finds and treats the root cause of a problem. She enjoys connecting with her clients and helping them along the road to recovery from any injury including those resulting from sports, work, activities of daily living and motor vehicle accidents. Heather is also involved with the active outdoor population, from “weekend warriors” to serious climbers, runners, cyclists, skiers/snowboarders and hikers.

Heather’s hands-on approach to treatment includes manual therapy, acupuncture and myofascial soft-tissue release. She emphasizes the importance of posture, proper body movement and awareness.

I first met my physiotherapist, Heather Doree, at THE Downtown Sports Clinics in Dec 2009 following right rotator cuff reconstructive surgery. I’ll never forget her care, expertise and attention in my rehabilitative program. As a very active person who had sustained a rock-climbing fall, I was very motivated to participate in my rehabilitation. She was instrumental in helping me walk that fine line between an aggressive recovery and allowing post-operative healing to occur. She gave me clear, concrete, customized guidelines in order to achieve this balance. During each therapy session, Heather’s manner was very professional, patient-focused, and warm and approachable. I could voice any concern, question or challenge I faced in my recovery – as an athlete herself, having sustained previous sports injuries, Heather had a keen firsthand understanding of my experience. Her knowledge base and expertise was second to none, but more importantly, she taught me about my shoulders and how to properly look after them. For example, when I work out now, I always use a foam roller to warm-up and cool down, and consciously set my shoulder blades before initiating any upper body movement. In short, I would highly recommend Heather Doree as a physiotherapist because she’s the whole package – that unique blend as a highly skilled, expert clinician with exceptional interpersonal skills coupled with consistent patient-focused approach to her practice. - Flo S.
Heather, I hope that you know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.  I know that my quality of life would be much diminished if I hadn’t had you to help me through my injury, the lymphedema diagnosis and my continuing ongoing maintenance. - Louanne