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The Merits of Snowshoeing

The Merits of Snowshoeing

It’s snowing! Time to go snowshoeing! It’s fun, easy, can be done anywhere there’s snow and by anyone who’s keen. Snowshoeing is low impact, and a great alternative to walking (and burns TWICE the CALORIES!) It’s also perfect for those suffering from hip, knee or ankle pain.

You can rent or buy a pair of snowshoes at most sporting outlets. Dress appropriately (layers are best, as you will burn a bit of energy).

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You don’t need a ski-pass or registration fees like other popular winter sports. Just grab your snowshoes and take to your local hiking trails!

Snowshoeing offers great cardiovascular conditioning, balance and agility benefits. If this is your first-time snowshoeing and you want to get the most out of this sport, book an appointment with one our amazing clinicians…It’s your body, we help you make the most of it!

Check out this link for places to go: