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Wrist Pain

Wrist Pain

Is wrist pain stopping you from enjoying the activities you love? Are you having trouble doing Yoga, weightlifting, rock climbing, or bowling because of wrist pain?

It is possible you may have sprained one of the ligaments in between two of the eight bones that make up the wrist(carpal bones). If a ligament has been stretched too much, there is a possibility that one or more of the carpal bones may shift out of place. (The bones can’t go very far). This can cause you to have pain and weakness in your wrist when you go to the end range of movement (like a push-up or upward dog), or with twisting movements (like bowling or squash). A routine X-ray is unlikely to show anything as no bones are broken.  

Treatment of this injury should include getting it assessed by your physical therapist to confirm what the injury is; having the bone(s) mobilized and/or manipulated back into their neutral place; modalities to calm down the inflamed ligaments; and tape or a brace to restrict end of range motion (to let the ligament heal).

Lori Townsend BSc(PT)