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Curling Warm-Up Program

"Be the best you can be from Hack to House"

Curling Warm-Up Program

Warm-up with these 3 exercises to:

  • Increase blood flow throughout your body;
  • Mobilize, stabilize and activate joints;
  • Mimic the movement patterns that will be used;
  • Reduce chances of injury by preparing your mind and body for curling



  • Activate your body’s circulatory system, elevate heart rate, increase blood flow and heat muscles and joints
  • High stepping, jogging on the spot, jumping jacks or stepping up and down on a stair. 5-10 minutes


  • Dynamic Stretching by slow controlled movements through the full range of motion consisting of multi-joint, multi-muscle movements that are similar to sport movements. 
  • Dynamic arm swings, leg swings forward and sideways, forward and side lunges. 5 – 10 minutes; sets of 10


  • This last warm-up is done on-ice. Sliding from the hack should progress from an initial easy leg drive and high upper body position to a full leg drive with the upper body in the actual delivery position. This slow progression allows the curler’s muscles to adjust to the motion as well as works on balance.


Written by: Janine Ankenmann MScPT; BScPT - curling aficionado, avid golfer and Physiotherapist at THE Downtown Sports Clinics.