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Cracking the Code: Nutrigenomix

Cracking the Code: Nutrigenomix

Eat according to your genes

More and more dietitians are tailoring diets to individual's genetic makeup. A new wave of DNA testing can determine with amazing precision which foods are right for you. What you eat can ultimately benefit your DNA, body metabolism, energy, cardio, brain and gut health, and your fitness performance.

Why do genetic testing?

If you truly want to know what foods might be making you bloated, fatigued or overweight, or which vitamins you should be taking, the DNA panel will reveal the scientific truths based on your unique genes. Your genetic code is analyzed to determine how your genes influence your food intolerances, eating behaviours, macronutrient, mineral and vitamin metabolism as well as your physical activity.

What is the science?

World-renowned researchers have found that a variation in a mere handful of 45 genetic markers, we have inherited, determine how we respond to the foods, beverages and supplements we consume. Our genes determine whether we are prone to specific vitamin deficiencies, whether we are gluten or lactose intolerant and how quickly or not, we metabolize carbs, fats, protein caffeine and sodium. Through Nutrigenomix genetic testing, you will truly find out and discover:

Is a gluten-free diet right for me? Am I drinking too much coffee? Do I have a marker for being overweight? Am I lactose intolerant?

How easy is it?

One quick salvia sample and 4 weeks later you have a comprehensive DNA report for personalized and specific nutrition recommendations. Samara Felesky-Hunt, RD, sports and wellness registered dietitian, will meet with you and walk you through your genetic findings and personalized report. She will reveal how you need to eat for your future health to maximize your full genetic potential.

Come by and spit away to better health.

- By Samara Felesky Hunt, BSc., RD

The answer may be in your genes

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