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Massage Therapist

“Sometimes the only way to move forward is to fall down, then get back up.” - Andrew

Andrew TervitCalgary Massage Therapist RMT

Meet Andrew

Five years practicing massage therapy have taught Andrew the importance of results-based practice and tailored treatment plans to get his clients up and pain free as quickly as possible.

Having worked in downtown Vancouver and now Calgary, Andrew has treated many office workers to reduce pain and help maintain their postural health.. His experience also extends to rehabilitation from motor vehicle accidents as well as pre- and post-natal care, helping ease the aches and pains that are unique to each trimester.

As a rock climber and budding triathlete he understands the rehab process well and knows what effective preventative treatments can do to keep you on your feet during training or primed for the next challenge.

I pulled out of my first proposed marathon six weeks prior due to lower leg pain (adhesions, shin splints etc.). The second year, the same condition returned but this time I went to see Andrew twice in the weeks prior to the race. It was remarkable what he was able to do.  Now I am getting ready to run my second marathon and yes, Andrew is working on my lower legs again. If you want to run a long way there is good chance it is going to hurt somewhere. That’s OK because Andrew will deal with it! - Mark T.